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Commodore John Barry

Commodore John Barry

“The Father of the American Navy”

Franklin Square, situated between K St, I St, 13th St, and 14th St, sees no end of vehicle or pedestrian traffic throughout the day. Food trucks line the eastern end of the park at lunch time while workers from the nearby office buildings enjoy lunch around the park’s broken fountain. On the western edge, overlooking 14th St’s never-ending stream of traffic, is the largely forgotten father of the United States Navy.


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Casimir Pulaski

Casimir Pulaski

“Pulaski has died as he lived, a hero, but an enemy to kings.”

At the eastern end of Freedom Plaza, at 13th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue, is the equestrian statue of General Casimir Pulaski. The statue is surrounded by stone benches and office workers can often be found lunching on them, under the nearby trees.


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Washington Circle

Washington Circle

“First in war – first in peace – and first in the hearts of his countrymen”

Sandwiched between West End and Foggy Bottom, at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue, is Washington Circle. Two concentric circles of sidewalk ring the equestrian statue Lieutenant General George Washington that stands in the middle of the park. Benches line the sidewalks and trees provide shade for pedestrians and students from nearby George Washington University.


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